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Harvesting (aka Butchering) Chickens

I'm told that's the correct term now.  Our oldest goes to an agriculture college where they talk about such things.  After the work that went into raising our Freedom Rangers, we wouldn't want to butcher them, would we?  Actually, we did!  We were concerned about being too sympathetic about the killing process but we were so ready to rid ourselves of the messy things, we were looking forward to it.  Weird, huh? Really, it wasn't as bad as it was cracked up to be.
These birds were 11 weeks old at harvest and some were a little big weighing in at 6 pounds.  I think if we do this again we will plan on 9-10 weeks.  It's amazing how fast they grow!

We set up an area outside in the shade with a super clean stainless steel table. 
For our killing area, we used the hitching post.  We opted for the hang upside down method.  We tied nooses, one for each leg, with buckets under them.
Warning, if you don't want to see dead chickens, scroll no further!

The guys transported…

Spin, Stupid.

I must admit that I have been thinking that for days. You see, the washer stopped working this week.  It seemed fine except it wouldn't spin. Being a Samsung, the appliance repairmen were fleeing with fear!  I kid you not.  They gave us ridiculous quotes and suggested we just buy a new one. 

 Since the laundry was pilling up, I sweetly (ok, firmly) suggested that we figure out what to do about the washer today.  So my honey, manuevered the pair out of their tight spot to take a look at the washer himself.  And that is when he found it!  The spin button on the front of the washer! 
  "Where did that button come from?" & "Who pushed it?" were the words out of my mouth as the washer spun into service. He just shook his head and said, "I love you."

So you see, sometimes the solution is so obvious that we can't solve the problem.  At least I got to clean out behind the washer & dryer.  It really needed to be done today. ;)
Teach us …

Adding to the Flock

Last month during my blogging break, we gathered up new Jacob Sheep to add to our flock.  Traveling from their previous homes in Georgia, West Virginia, and Oregon, they met up with us in Colorado before they officially became Okies. 

They are settled in now and feeling at home.  They are even taking treats (animal crackers) from our hands.
Haagen Dazs (Dazs for short) just glows in the sun.  He's still young but he will be a promising herd sire.
Look at Rambler's w-i-d-e horns and long fleece.

Flora is just a striking girl.  She will be bred to Rambler next month for spring lambs.  Petals (in front) is a little thing and we just love her!  She stays close to Flora most of the time.
We are so glad to have these new sheep on the farm. They will all add different bloodlines while each will add special but diverse qualities to our flock.
 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me~ John 10:27 Do you hear his voice? Does He know you? Do you follow Him?

Reflect & Refocus

Life gets so busy.  Sometimes we know where we are going but we forget why were were headed there in the first place. 
In those times, it's good to be still,
 to listen to God.
Reflect & refocus.
Refueling for their long journey, these little hummingbirds will soon be on their way.  Hummingbirds remind me of people (of myself).  They are so busy ~ always flapping their wings!  But every now and then you see one sitting, listening, and storing up what they need to continue on.

During this month away from blogging, I've reflected on my blog's purpose.  I want it to be a true representation of our farm and our life.  I want it to be inspiring to those who live (or want to live) a more simple lifestyle.  I want it to be encouraging to your heart by sharing our faith with you in small ways. 
And so, the journey joyfully continues with renewed direction.  I hope you will (re)join me.

"Be still, and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10