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Homemade Chocolate Milk Recipe

What better way to use Cocoa's raw milk that she is providing for us?  Already I have plenty in the fridge and needed to make something with it.  Homemade chocolate milk it is!

This is so easy.  Really, I don't know why I ever bought Nesquik. {Sorry, Bunny!}

Homemade Chocolate Milk Recipe
3/4 cup sugar 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup cocoa 1/2 teaspoon vanilla 1 smidgen salt
Mix sugar and cocoa in a small saucepan. Stir in water.  Heat to boiling on medium stirring constantly. This will make a yummy chocolate syrup. Add vanilla & smidgen salt. Just a smidge, mind you!
Let cool a little or not at all if you are impatient. Pour into milk. Shake.

Makes 1/2 gallon of very chocolaty milk  or 1 gallon of mildly chocolate milk.
Don't you just love these glass jars?  You can pick them up here.

God will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy. Job 8:21

Jersey Girl

Yes, she's a milk cow.

I'm sure you aren't surprised that we got one with our recent realization that raw milk was so much better. Actually, we've been keeping our eye out for a family cow for about 6 months.  But with purchasing raw milk from Stewart Dairy in Blanchard, we were not in a hurry.  I was supposed to check back with a lady at a small dairy in mid June though.  So I casually gave her a call and  she had just what we wanted ~

a registered black Jersey that is small in size and in milk as a first freshener.  She's not producing enough to stay on a dairy farm but she will provide plenty as a family cow.   Halter broken, stanchion broken  and sweet as can be, she was perfect for us.

We named her Cocoa. And she had to have a pink halter!

The last couple of weeks have been filled with transforming the little shed into a milking parlour complete with a NuPulse mini milker and an automatic cleaner.  As we fall into a routine, we will figure out what improvemen…

Dark Green Eggs

Remember these little ones that we hatched  from our own eggs this spring? They are all grown up and laying eggs themselves now.

Some of them are laying dark green eggs! Our New Hampshire Reds lay brown eggs and our Americanas lay light green ones.  We thought all the new pullets were New Hampshire Reds.  But they surprised us! They look like Reds but must have come from the green eggs we hatched out and that would make them crossbred Reds/Americanas. 
What's amazing is how dark the green color is.  Our pure Americana green eggs are much lighter like the one in the bottom right.  We aren't big fans of crossbreeds but I do like the dark green eggs.

Be joyful in hope. Romans 12:12

Yellow & Orange Summer

The flower garden is in full summer bloom.

Aside from the huge pink rose bushes, it seems to be all yellow and orange.

I'm not complaining, mind you.

It's all sunshiny!

Time to sit back and soak up the summer.

Yeah, right!  We live on the farm.  There is very little sitting & soaking. I am enjoying the summer though.
May the Lord make your love increase  and overflow for each other  and for everyone else,  just as ours does for you. 1 Thessalonians 3:12

Keep Away

God will yet fill your mouth with laughter  and your lips with shouts of joy. Job 8:21

Processed Fleece

I was excited and a little nervous as I opened the box. Our fleeces that we sent off to Lonesome Stone Fiber Mill in Colorado came back. Last year, I processed all our sheep and alpaca fleeces myself.   This year, I sent off half of them to the mill. 
 They washed, carded and drafted the fiber into roving ready to spin. I couldn't be happier with them!
Lovely, soft fiber with such a variety of color can come from Jacob Sheep.  Each bag contains a single fleece from one of the sheep.  The center one is a lilac fleece which is more of a light brown rather than gray.
Here are a few of my favorites: McCarthy's made a medium/dark gray.  It has wonderful loft!

This is McCarthy and her new ram lamb born only a few days ago.

My favorite Jacob roving is Daffodil's.

Her fleece is super soft and blended into a beautiful light gray because she doesn't have as many spots as some Jacobs.  And yes, that is a dining room chair the roving is sitting in.  It's a LOT of fleece!



I've wanted a black alpaca for a while now. This weekend we brought home this sweet singing girl.
She has amazing, dark fleece that will be a dream to spin.

She needed a good name to go with Simon & Garfunkel. Sweet tender voice, pretty little face and poofy hair. It's got to be Diana.

I think she's adorable.

Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving... Psalm 147:7