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Tuff & Aim

The two have become friends.

Well, maybe friends is a stretch. Let's say they have a mutual understanding.

Tuff puts up with Aim following him around, ramming & head butting him,  and bothering him when he's trying to sleep.

In return,  Aim lets Tuff lick the milk off his face after his bottle.

A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24


Today, the purchase of Jonah's new horse is final. Finding a jumping horse with the right size, temperament, experience, and potential is not easy.  We thought we had one when we brought Rock It home on trial but he didn't pass his vet check.
So he went home and the search continued.
After making a trip to Dallas to try horses and literally looking at everything that was for sale in our region, we were starting to lose hope.  Then we got a call from our trainer telling us of a horse that just came in for jump training at the barn where she boards.
She's HUGE! 17.3 hands high Jonah is 6 feet so you can see she is really big.
He's not likely to outgrow this one.

She's a gorgeous Hanoverian  11 yrs old with extensive dressage training and lots of potential to jump.

He couldn't be more excited about his new horse! We are delighted for him.
Jonah and Rivi make such a nice pair.

Psalm 18:29 With You I can attack a barrier, and with my God I can leap over a wall…