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Spring Has Sprung

There are signs of spring all around the farm.

Pansies and sweet alyssum are planted in the pots

and the lilies and irises are popping up everywhere.

I love the colors of spring!

Brightly colored Adirondack chairs have been moved  to the front porch to welcome us outside as the days get warmer.

Recently, I was asked about the chairs after  posting a picture with them in the background. We replaced our wooden chairs that needed painting every year with these made by Berlin Gardens. 

They are made from recycled milk cartons so they won't peel, crack, warp, or fade. We got one in every color plus a glider, some side tables, and a picnic table too.
We absolutely love them!

Normally we would have little lambs bouncing around but we did not breed our sheep in the fall. It was a busy and sad time for me then as I lost someone very dear to me. In many ways it has been a long winter making the signs of spring even sweeter now.
Ecclesiastes 3:1-4 To every thing there is a season, and a time t…

Sheep Shearing 2015

It's always a big event at the Red Farmhouse.

This year, we even had a tour trolley bring a group from Guthrie, Oklahoma. The yarn store that carries our Jacob wool yarn,  Sealed with a Kiss, brought a group.

It was great fun even though it was a little cold.

The farm visitors watched the shearing, helped to catch the animals, and skirt fleece too.

Our 17 sheep got shots, hoof trimming and of course, shearing. The 3 alpaca & the guard llama got the full treatment too!

All the animals are ready for spring now! They look so different without their fleece.