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Teacher Appreciation Gifts ~ Chalkboard Candles

Even though we homeschool, we attend a Homeschooling Co-op and have teachers other than ourselves for some subjects.
These teachers volunteer their time to teach students a subject that they are passionate about.  They are special ladies who deserve special thank you gifts.

All teachers need appreciation at school year's end. This year, I thought these chalkboard candles were just right to express thanks to them.

These candles from Hobby Lobby were perfect for this project but you could use any candle and add a chalkboard label.  A homemade candle would be extra nice.

Add a bow and tie on a piece of chalk.

I added a little note card and a Bible verse about "being the light."

I hope our son's teachers like the chalkboard candles as much as I do!
You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Matthew 5:14-15

The Buzz

Guess what's coming soon? That's right.  The buzz is about bees!

After a cool, wet spring, the flowers are ready and waiting for their arrival.

Our Warre hives came in a few weeks ago from Bee Thinking. Of course, I had to paint them bright colors ~ grape and turquoise. 

We choose Warre hives rather than the common Langstroth hives because they use a top bar design so the bees build their own combs.  The honey supers are added to the bottom of the hive keeping everything fresh because it's cycled out of use by the bees. We felt this natural approach to beekeeping would be a good fit for our farm.  

The bee garden is nestled in between the pig pen and the ram pen behind the house.  A few weeks ago, the guys built the short fence, the platforms to hold the hives and even flower beds.  After their building, I primed (twice by accident, yes the whole thing) and then I painted it all.

It's amazing!  I absolutely love how it turned out. It just needs flower seeds  and bees …

Let the Races Begin...

It's track season. So for six weeks, you will find us cheering our boys on all over the state. They run with the Oklahoma City Homeschool Track team.

Jared likes the long distances and runs the 3200 meter.

He will be doing a marathon relay later this month.

Jonah's more of a middle distance guy with the 400m and 800m.

They both did great at their first meet of the season achieving their own goals. Race on...