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Summer Rain

Gentle summer rain fell on the farm today.

You would think I would be sick of moisture since last month we got a record breaking 20 inches when our normal is 2! However, after the rain stopped, the temperatures heated up  and the farm dried up fast. Our gardens & our farm animals  haven't been very happy.
Today everyone seems glad for the misting morning.

The rooster is guiding his girls around the yard,

The Jacob Sheep are grazing,

and the cat is on the prowl.

Despite the general disrepair that  the weather brought to the gardens, there are some sunshiney spots~ the daylilies and daisies have started their bloom.

And the purple clematis on the birdhouse has never looked better.

As for the bees, they are mostly working inside today tending to housework, which is exactly what I am doing too while I enjoy the summer rain.

All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful. Psalm 25:10