6 Lessons of Painting a Blackberry Fence

One thing I have learned is that there is a never ending list of "to dos" on a farm.  Painting the blackberry fence has been at the top of my list for about a month.  I have been putting it off but I decided today was the day to get it done.  It's not big but after painting the entire house, I haven't been looking forward to picking up a brush to paint anything.  

Here are 6 lessons I learned about painting a blackberry fence:
1.  Paint the fence before the blackberries grow up on it.
2.  Don't let your husband weed eat around the fence until it is dry.
     Grass and wet paint don't mix!
3.  Don't shower first.  Do that after.
4.  Pick a day when the wind is not blowing 30 mph.
     (If you must paint in the wind, paint with your back to the wind)
5.  Don't paint the fence at all.
6.  Forget the fence!  Plant the blackberries where they have room
     to run like God intended.

Disclaimer: Not all white blooms are what they appear to be.  Some are painted on.


  1. Sounds like the voice of someone who has been there. What about letting one of the boys paint the fence:)


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