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Monday, May 24, 2010

Bowlful of Berries

Don't you just love fresh picked strawberries?  It is still early but the strawberries I planted last year are paying off.  Today I picked a bowlful.  Ok, it's a small bowl but still it's rewarding.  They are growing so fast now that I think I will have to move some to another bed.  More strawberries, that would be terrible!  Maybe the sad blueberries (in the background) will perk up if their territory is taken over. 
The clematis in the center is finally peaking it's head up in the center of the patch. I do hope it doesn't get choked out.  I think the purple flowers will look pretty there.

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  1. I bet those berries are a lot sweeter than the ones we buy at the grocery store.


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