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Gaggle of Goslings

Even though we technically live in the city and houses are all around us, the view in the backyard makes us feel like we are truly in the country.  We don't own the pond and we aren't allowed to fish it, but we are blessed with a beautiful view.  This spring it has been so nice to watch our Canadian Goose couple raise their precious gaggle of geese. We don't see them for days and then they are back again showing us something new they have learned.  Recently, they were having a lesson in skimming across the top of the water.  So cute and clumbsy!  Our golden retrievers, Scout & Sadie, would never let them onto our property and I'm sure Mom & Dad Goose would never try it with their sweet cargo in tow.  Never the less, a gaggle of geese is a joy to watch even from the other side of the fence.