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Growing garden

Our Oklahoma storm season is here and with it comes lots of rain usually in an all out down pour with high winds and occasional tornados.
This week the storms have been frequent and more are expected this afternoon.  However, the rain is good for a growing garden so I am thankful for it despite the fact that we have run to the storm shelter twice this week.  I just took a stroll through the newly built flower garden that we built next to the garage.  There is baby lettuce sprouting up which promises to be tasty.  And the Gaillardia, that I thought was going to die, has never looked better.  The seven Knockout Roses are in full bloom too.  I do love springtime because it makes my garden grow!


  1. I'm glad the gaillardia is going to make it. I never had luck with gaillardia bedding plants, but I do with seeds, and thankfully, once you get them going, they seed themselves, so I always have a few.


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