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Kitchen Cuts

School is out and the days are getting warmer and with that comes shorter hair.  The boys pester me to cut their hair when it gets hot and I often put it off.  But the truth is... I enjoy it.  It is one of the only times now that they will sit still and let me touch them. I have always given them haircuts, outside sometimes but mostly in the kitchen.  They sit on a stool and I get to play beauty shop.  Without girls in the house, that is a special treat.  Mostly, I enjoy it because it reminds me of when they were little and would get a sucker or a piece of gum to sit still and end up with hair covered candy.  Not that they cared!  They are boys, they will put anything in their mouths!  I do hope that when they are grown they will come home and ask for a kitchen cut.


  1. I always use to cut Rob's hair, too... and Warren's for 48 years now. and I know what you mean. Cutting someone's hair is very personal.


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