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Our journey began

Last year at this very time, we decided to build a farmhouse on land that we owned. It was a long road to get to that point. We had been working with an architect designing a typical house and talking with builders, when we decided we were not building what we really wanted. We dreamed of lots of character, small & simple living, old fashioned charm. What we wanted was a farmhouse! You know, the kind of place that has a wide front porch with rocking chairs that just invite you up to sit a while. So... we pitched the plans, gave the builders the boot, and started it ourselves. What came next was a 6 month whirlwind! Never did we imagine it would be so difficult and never did we imagine that it would be so worth it! People have been amazed that it took 5 1/2 months and that we contracted it ourselves. It also cost around $90/sq. ft. without the land. The builders and banks said it wasn't possible to do either. But anything is possible if you are building dreams and your not afraid to jump in there and do it yourself if you have to. What we ended up with is a quaint 2,014 sq. ft., old fashioned farmhouse with contemporary flairs. The Daily Oklahoman, our local newspaper, called it "a not-so-big masterpiece". I don't know that it is a masterpiece - we just call it home.
So, throughout my postings you will find features of our house, some classic and some very different. And along with that, I will share how life in a little red farmhouse is transforming our lives.


  1. I would agree with the Daily Oklahoman. It is indeed a masterpiece, and one with such a homey feel. I love your house.

  2. What a great blog. I happened upon by accident. Love your house. Our house is red too!

  3. Hi, Kim!! I love your blog!!! It's so amazing and fun! I found it through Christy's blog and stopped her awhile back to comment but I couldn't get it to work. I've been reading it ever since though and thought I'd try commenting again! haha! I should have done it sooner. ;)

    I sure miss seeing you at co-op!! I hope things have been great for you guys at home! Your home is sure beautiful! I wouldn't want to leave it at all! ;)


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