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Pemberley Chicken Coop

Welcome to Pemberley! 

11 weeks ago our chicks arrived by mail.  They were so cute and warm and fuzzy.  And boy, have they grown fast.  We finished their new home a few weeks ago and now have the fence around it installed and painted.  My husband designed it and we built it together. It was a lot of work building it at his shop and we had to rent a crane to move it.  It will probably be here 100 years from now.  The style goes with the house so I love that!  The chickens seem to be happy with it.  That is the true testament to our success.  The plans and other pictures are on if you want to see how we put it together.  I'm glad we are finished with it. Now we are sitting back and letting them be our evening entertainment.

One feature that was not a success was the dust bath.  Chickens like to roll around in the dirt to clean their feathers and I heard (on Backyard Chickens) that they like sand.  So, I bought a pan at Tractor Supply and some sand at Home Depot and dug a hole in their yard.  They watched curiously the whole time. Then, I stood back, proud of my work, and they began dust bathing in the fresh dirt that I had scattered around it.  I haven't seen one chicken in the pan except to use it as a litter box!  Oh well, that is farming for you.  Some things work, others don't.

                    Silly chickens, get in the pan!

Two of my buff rocks when they were a few weeks old.
The blue house in the background is my in-laws. They live with us at Rockin' S-Squared Farm. They love having grandkids right next door.


  1. Kim -- Just viewed the building of the coop on BYC.. Just stupendous.
    So beautifully planned. I bet your little gals are very happy!
    -Lauren at ScratchandPeck

  2. Kim, just starting out and like the layout of your coop. How do I get a set to plans in pdf format to get started.

  3. Chris,
    Send me an email and I will reply with the pdf attachment. Glad you like it!

    1. Hi Kim great coop! Any chance I can get a copy of the plans to build it? Thanks in advance, Dan

    2. Dan send me your email address and I will get you the plans. If you leave another comment, it will come to me without it being published here.

  4. love the coop. We are in the midst of building one ourselves. Would love to see your plans so I can make some changes to mine . Thanks. Beautiful job. love it


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