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Red Rooster & Bucket of Silverware

While my kitchen sink is empty and clean, I thought I would snap a pic and show you.  The stainless steel farmhouse sink from Kohler was one of the splurges in our house.  It has one huge basin.  And really, does anyone use both sides of the sink?  Most people function out of the little one that has the disposer. Anyway,  I love it.  We purchased the maple butcher block countertops from Lumber Liquidators (super cheap!) and I finished them myself with Behlen Salad Bowl Finish.  It has a slight shine and is food safe.  Having the ability to roll out pizza dough or pie crust on the counter was an important feature for me.  The light fixture is from Pottery Barn and goes well with Edison's Octopus nearby.  The one thing I like the least is the Delta faucet. It looks really cool but honestly I hate it.  I'm always accidentally pushing the buttons on the front and drenching myself with the sprayer! I'll get used to it.

Ruling over the sink is a metal rooster.  He looks like he belongs on top of an old barn. Rustic and red, he swivels around on his perch. He is absolutely at home here! He actually belongs to my mom but is being held ransom.  The price? His twin.  Besides, he told me he likes it better in my window.  She agreed to an extended stay. Thanks, Mom! 
I also keep a bucket of silverware next to the sink.  I didn't intend on keeping it there, it just happened. We had to move into the house 6 weeks before it was ready.  (old house sold + new house not done = unforgetable experience of camping out in garage) There were no cabinets & appliances.  Consequently, fast food was our friend!  The flatware found its place in the bucket to use with paper plates and it just stayed there.  Truly, it is very handy and if silverware should be anything, shouldn't it be handy?  No sorting, just throw it in the bucket.  This farmhouse is casual, people, just grab what you need and let's eat.


  1. I know this will probably sound like a lame question. Do you know what the item # is for the unfinished butcher block counter-top is at LL? They aren't showing in online.

  2. Sarah,
    That is not lame! We knew they had them because the sales counter here was butcher block. It was a special order. We bought 2 8ft lengths. One was used full length and the other we cut down and used it in the mudroom. The leftover we cut into cutting boards for Christmas gifts. Everyone loved them. The two pieces didn't match exactly but that was overlooked because of the great price. We put the seam behind the kitchen sink so no one would ever notice. Also, there was no shipping if sent to the store but take a few strong people to load them. I went by myself and the guy had mercy on me but even then it was hard loading. Here is the link:

  3. Once again I'm drooling over your kitchen! I've always loved those apron-style farm sinks. I'd love a white one in our house. And I'd LOVE a butcher block for at least part of our counter space. And Mr. Rooster looks great there!


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