Sloggers for a Garden Girl

Last year, my sweet husband treated me to some true gardening gear.  A big floppy but sturdy sun hat and a pair of Slogger shoes.  They are floral rubber and wash off with the hose.  The insoles slide out for quick drying.  And they are pink so they go with everything I own!  I keep them outside on the breezeway and wear them everyday to the chicken coop or the vegetable and flower gardens. The only other thing I need is a hand shovel.  My matching pink gloves are rarely worn because I like to feel the dirt between my fingers.  My nails are the worse for it though.  So... garden girls everywhere, go to


  1. The rubber shoes are really a gardeners friend, aren't they? When I come in the house after gardening, if they aren't too bad, I take my shoes into the shower with me and rince them off there before I clean myself. Or if they are really bad, they go into a bucket to soak outside. I used to really hate scraping dirt off of leather shoes.
    My nails always look a little worse for the (not) wearing gloves, too. Happy Gardening!!

  2. I'm definitely in need of some good gardening shoes! I mostly wear a worn out pair of flip flops, but I definitely need some clog-type shoes. Do Sloggers make your feet hot?

    And I'm with ya on the gloves. I rarely wear gloves. They get in the way!

  3. Katie,
    They can get hot. If they do, I just get them wet and then they live up to their name, Sloggers.


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