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7 days / 0 kids

My 3 boys are gone for a whole week!  The boy scouts are off at camp sleeping in a tent in 100 degree weather.  Poor guys!  They love it!  Mom isn't telling them to close the door or wash their hands.  It is so quiet in the house, it just feels weird.  Actually, now that I think about it, it feels really nice.  I haven't had to vacuum or wash clothes for 3 days!  I think that is a record.  I'll pay for it when they get back.  There will be a mountain in the mudroom. I have learned to just throw the socks away though!  There is no saving them.
I miss them really.

Wayne and I picked the first bowlful of blackberries last night.  They are wonderful!  I'm going to make a cobbler right now.  I can smell it already!


  1. Enjoy your week without the boys. Who takes care of Viator when Jake is gone?

  2. Viator is with another falconer, Jake's sponsor. Legally, we are not permitted to keep him. We know he is in good hands there and he is not screaching at us because his master is gone.

  3. Enjoy your quiet week, it will be over before you know it!


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