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Baby bunnies in the strawberries

I know now why I kept spying Peter Rabbit in of the strawberry patch.  It turns out that Peter is a girl and she has babies!  It is a great place for a nest really - shaded, somewhat protected, and a growing food supply.  Around lunch today, my middle son, Jonah went out to chase a mockingbird off of the blueberries when he found 2 tiny bunnies in the garden.  Sadly, one was dead.  The other was huddled up by the blackberry bed looking lost.  It was obviously too young to be out of the nest so we went on a search to find where it belonged.  While looking through the strawberries, we found a third bunny.  Wayne put gloves on and scooped it up to put it back.  It squealed loudly but was glad to be in the nest, I'm sure. I am going out to wrap chicken wire around the blackberry bed to try to keep them out of there.  I guess we won't have anymore strawberries this year. I'll have to sacrifice them to the cute little fuzzies.
God makes baby creatures of every kind so sweet.


  1. You softy you! I'm not sure Mr. McGregor would approve. But I know I would do the same thing. Nothing much cuter than a baby bunny. Have you seen the mother recently?
    I hope that isn't why the bunnies were out of the nest -- looking for mama. Wonder what killed one of them. The world is a dangerous place for nature's babies.

  2. I have been looking for her but haven't seen her. I checked this morning and found one in the strawberry box. I do hope she is taking care of them.

  3. That baby bunny picture is the sweetest thing ever!

  4. The baby bunny is too cute to begrudge it a few strawberries. I'm glad we don't have wild bunnies around my garden. Too many predators.


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