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Bountiful blackberry

Blackberry season is here and boy, are they big!  Tonight, two of the boys and I went out and picked and picked and picked.  This is our second huge bowlful of the most delicious berries I have ever had.  Our veggie garden may not be producing but the berries are bountiful.  Tomorrow, I am doning an apron and making jam and maybe another cobbler too.  That is if my husband doesn't eat them all first.  They are his absolute favorite!

I mean, have you ever seen blackberries this big?


  1. Those berries are the biggest I've EVER seen. Oh My Yummy.

    You must have planted them...they are not that big just wild, are they?? I think around my Grandpa's house there were huge-er berries than on the back roads where we used to pick.
    I just went back and got to know you!! Very nice blog! In my area, most houses have basements. Because of the winter and most NOT have basements there?? Just wondering about the whole cement floor thing...

  3. Karen Sue,
    Welcome! Glad you like the blog.
    I did plant the berries last year and blackberries grow here well but we haven't ever seen them that big, wild or not.
    As for basements, we don't have them around here. The Oklahoma soil is full of red clay which expands and contracts with moisture. Some of the very old houses here have them but they are cracked and leak. Having a basement would be great! I wish we did have one. Then we wouldn't need a storm cellar to escape the terrible twisters that come barreling through here.

  4. I think our lives have reached a bit of a fork in the road and if I can just wrap myself around it, I can look at it with excitement. I have been relieved of a job, we are looking for a new church and I have child #2 of 4 headed off to college. We would like to find property away from it all and perhaps move there after 6 more years of school for the youngest. What are you doing with 9 acres and is that a good amount for what you want to do?? We are on a yard that is between 1 and 3 acres now...can't remember quite...thinking we need to have more space and more separation. We get along with the neighbors, but property changes hands frequently here, so space is good...
    Have a great weekend. The future college student is upstairs making a couple of batches of Beer Bread before she goes to work at the local golf course. She is opening the cans and going "Gross! This stuff stinks so bad!" I said please remember that next year in your dorm... :0)

  5. Karen Sue,
    We are enjoying the size of the acreage. It could be bigger but is a managable size. The 3 boys all help now but they will be gone someday and the parents next door will be older and it will be up to us. Although if it was bigger, we could leave some of it wild. Our 9 acres is mowed and weed eated every week in the summer. Lots of work! The horses will help with the grazing soon.
    Our dream was to have a hobby farm. We have wanted horses and chickens for as long as I can remember. After that we may decide that no more farm animals are needed although I think a dairy goat or two would be fun and a few head of cattle for beef each year would be great. We have a small berry patch and a veggie garden that we work on too. Eventually we would like to grow something that we could specialize and sell, maybe a pick your own. We have talked about pecans and blackberries mostly. Both grow great here in OK.
    What I really like is staying busy on the farm. It is teaching our boys that good things don't come easy. And it keeps us too busy to let the influences of the world into our home through the TV.
    Forks in the road are challenging but good. They make you look at what is really important to you and head down that road. I hope you find the right one for you and yours.
    PS - that is funny about the beer!


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