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Farm critter update

After watching closely for over 24 hours, it appeared that the momma rabbit hopped away.  Sadly, we found one more bunny out in the pasture probably killed by one of our dogs.  The only one that was left was hopping around the flower garden looking lost.  We searched on the internet to decide what to do with the little fur ball.  It seems that wild things are best left wild even if they are young.  So, we relocated it over by the pond so it would have access to water and left him in God's hands.

Last night, while watching the chickens (our evening entertainment) one of the neighbors was making a lot of noise behind some trees.  The hens weren't happy about it and it seems that other critters weren't either.  He roused a fox out of the wooded area and it ran from behind the coop.  The combination of fox and chickens isn't good!  We will have to be sure they are locked up good at night lest they get eaten.


  1. I can see it is never dull around your place. Poor little bunnies. I hope for a happy ending there.


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