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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Going and growing

The flower garden is going well. This is my first try at anything perinnial.  At our old house we had very structured beds of shrubs, you know, very landscapey.  I always added some pretty annuals for the seasons and it was beautiful.  But out here, we needed something different.  And a fenced flower garden needs perinnial blooms all summer.  Trying to create this on a budget has been challenging.  And of course, you want it to look spectacular as soon as you put them in the ground.  It is finally hot enough now to get some of these flowers going and growing.  I'm hoping they all fill in.  So far here are some of my favorites...

Purple coneflower. It is still very short but here is the first bloom.  I just love the lavender petals drooping around the bright orange center!

Purple verbena next to orange & pink snapdragons.  A hot pink knockout rose is in the back.  I love those three colors together.

This coreopsis is looking promising.  It is loaded with blooms.  I can't wait til it is a mass of tiny pink petals.

Who knew cilantro was so pretty?  What a wonderful surprise! We love it in mexican food.

The blackberries are loaded and still blooming.  Blackberry cobbler and blackberry jam are favorites at our house. I planted these last year and of course you don't get any until year two.  I've been on the lookout for the rabbit.  He better not start eating them or I'm gonna eat him for dinner!


  1. Grow, plants, grow! The coreopsis looks like it will be gorgeous when it blooms! I really like the color combo with the verbena/rose/snapdragons also!

  2. The garden is looking great, Kim.


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