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Growth chart adds history

At our old house, we kept a growth chart on a door jam.  Precious to me, I left it there when we moved with paint for the new owners to cover it up.  I didn't have the heart to do it myself.  Here at the farmhouse, I knew I wanted something that could go with us if we ever did move but that would look permanent.  The solution was a 1x6 poplar board matching our baseboards running up the wall.  Standing 7' tall it has plenty of "growing room".  Nailed to a stud, it is caulked and painted to match the trim.  I then transfered the boy's chart and one from my husband's childhood home onto the board.  Now it has two generations of growing boys on it.  My dad was 6'7" at his full height and when he was here last we added him to the top.  I told him that I was sure he will always be at the top of the chart.  Although, our oldest is nearly 6' now and at 16 still has time to get there.  We will see.  The growth chart is a priceless thing.  It has added the feeling of history to our new home.  I hope one day to add a second one next to it for grandchildren.


  1. I transferred markings to a board when I painted our laundry room. I need to get that out and measure the boys.

  2. This is so wonderful. I am sad that I didn't start sooner! Are your (non-growth chart) baseboards just 1x6 boards, or are they specially finished in some way? :)

    1. All of our baseboards are plain poplar 1x6 boards painted white. I wanted baseboards without grooves that would be easy to wipe clean.


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