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Misplaced morning glories

Mom's perspective:
The other night Wayne and I were sitting out on the back patio watching the chickens run free. We often let them out in the evening and they love to come up and eat the gravel patio and pick at my flower pots.  I have been trying to train our dog, Scout aka guardian of the chickens, to keep them away from the flowers.  It has been unsuccessful. My husband was teasing me about my determination to keep them away from the flower pots when out of the corner of my eye, I saw them eating my morning glories.  But they were over behind the flower garden fence not in the flower garden.  Now how did that happen?  Surely they have not been in the flower garden! 

Boy's perspective:
Jonah and Jared, our two youngest boys have a designated dirt pile in the flower garden.  It's really an empty flower box that is reserved for army bunkers and dirt forts.  They love it!  It happens to be right next to the spot that I have been trying to get the morning glories up from seed.  "I can't believe Mom let these weeds get so big," Jonah said to Jared.  Pulling them up root and all, he chunked them over the fence to the chickens.  Wow!  Chickens really like eating weeds! 

Sweet son.  He was trying to be helpful. Putting them back in the ground and watering them in did not work.  We all got a big laugh over it.  Obviously, the morning glories were misplaced or at least misunderstood.  Everyone knows now that the remaining ones on the other fence are not weeds.

Last evening we had more excitement in the garden.  A snake.  The boys thought it was great!  I didn't.  I keep telling them that Biblically, snakes are the enemy of woman (Genesis 3:15). Never the less they marched outside to catch it.  Our oldest son loves all things wild so he was the holder of the snake. With shivers running up my spine, I could only snap a quick picture and come back inside. They let it go in my flower garden.  I can tell you this, I won't be weeding for a few day.

Jake with the little garder

Slimy snake next to the pink coreopsis in full bloom now.
I hope it doesn't make a home there.


  1. I've seen two snakes so far this season in my garden -- a garter snake and a bull snake. I've made peace with them, though. They eat some of the bugs that eat my flowers, so I consider them friends. It does startle one, though, to come onto a snake suddenly. They are as anxious to get away from me, though, as I am them.


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