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Mr. McGregor's daughter in law

My inlaws live next door here at the farm.  Lately, my father in law has been tormented by a rabbit helping himself to the vegetable garden.  Reminding me of Mr. McGregor in Peter Rabbit, it has become his life mission to rid the farm of cottontails. He trapped one and relocated it but it was so small it couldn't have been the culprit.  "Not to worry." "We have lots planted." "He has to eat too." Or so I said.  Until yesterday.  I was walking through the flower garden when I spotted some weeds growing in the strawberry bed.  Now the strawberries plants look wonderful and they were really producing, but the last few weeks I have gotten no strawberries.  So bending down to pull the weeds out, I was surprised to find that big rabbit hop out and away as fast as he could go.  So that is why I haven't had any ripe berries!  I'm gonna get that rabbit!  So much for making fun of Dad. It's personal now.  Watch out Peter, Mr. McGregors daughter in law is looking for you too!


  1. Good luck with that one. :-)

  2. Rascally rabbits!! We've got them to, but knock-on-wood they haven't found my garden yet. They're allowed to stay until they start eating my veggies. :-)


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