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Riding down the farm road

Horses have always been in the plans for our farm.  It is one of the major reasons that we moved out here.  We just didn't know it would be this summer!  We have made an aquaintance that has had us over many times to ride and even sort calves.  It has been lots of fun getting into horses.  A few weeks ago, he called and offered to sell a couple of his horses to us for quite a bit less than we had talked about before.  After thinking it over for a couple of days, we decided to go for it. 
This means that Phase 2 for building our farm needs to happen now.  Interior fences for pasture and pens, a small barn, a riding arena and a round pen are all in the works.  Of course, we will do most, if not all, of the work ourselves.  But hey, we built a house, we can do this!

Meet the additions at the Little Red Farmhouse...
My horse is a 7 yr. old paint mare named Lena. Her registered name is Denero Doll and will soon be called Doll since my husband's grandmother's name was Lena.  That would just be weird.  I think Doll suits her better anyway.  Wayne's is a 3 yr. old gelding that is finishing off his training.  He is young but that is what his new owner wanted.   He is full quarter horse and will be registered Red Diamond Diggers.  We got to pick the name so that was fun.  He will go by Red which fits his shiny red coat well.

We decide long ago that we wouldn't buy horses for our boys.  They need to see what it takes to care for them and feel the pleasure of working toward a good goal.  They can save and buy their own if they decide to.  We will have the room if and when they do.

We are super excited and a little anxious too. For now the horses will stay at their current home until our place is ready. It's just another step on our journey down the farm road. Only now we are gonna ride instead of walk!


  1. Great additions to the Rockin' S-Squared farm. They are really nice looking horses.

  2. That's great!! I had horses growing up and someday when I have enough money (haha!) I'll own them again. Yours are gorgeous!

  3. Yay, congratulations! They're gorgeous!

  4. They are beautiful horses! Your Doll looks like my husband's horse, Bob. Quarter horses are my favorite so I am partial to Red!


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