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Sleep simple

Our master bedroom is simple.  That is the only way I know to describe it.  We kept it small so that it would have a cozy feel.  The three bare windows over the bed keep the room lit during the day and let moonlight in at night.  They are high enough that we can see sky and no one can see us.

When we moved in our new farmhouse, our classic bedroom set didn't stay long.  In fact, we brought it in the room and took it right back out.  My husband said, "This furniture just doesn't belong in this house."  Being tired of sleeping on a mattress on the floor, we were off shopping.  What we found was a wrought iron bed at Ethan Allen.  It has a pewter gray finish that goes nicely with the barn door hardware.  The antique looking clover top table was picked up there too.  Wayne needed a table for his side and we were out of budget so we got creative.  Don't you love how economy brings creativity? Anyway, we repurposed a black barstool that had a loose top.  We removed the saddle seat and nailed on a pine top.  It matches the pine cabinet on the opposite wall.  A couple of antique ladderback chairs are the only other pieces in the room. 

For bedding we have a white linen bedskirt topped with soft sheets and a new old fashioned quilt set from my favorite store, Pottery Barn.  A rug will be a welcome addition at a future date.  But as my mom says, houses are works in progress.  So true.

Looking at photos of farmhouse bedrooms, we found a reoccuring theme.  They were for sleeping.  A bed, a lamp, a chair for taking off your shoes.  They were definitly not for lounging away the day.  There is too much to do on a farm. Incorporating this idea into our home, we have found that this simple farmhouse bedroom style is comforting.  It fits our new lifestyle.  It is functional, not fussy, simple, not showy, and a welcome retreat that is right at home on a farm.


  1. Your bedroom fits perfectly with the rest of your charming farm house.... and with your lifestyle. I love how quilts seem to tie contemporary with down home country.

  2. I am really enjoying your blog...jumping from different posts. I think the farmhouse looks amazing and I love your whole outlook and lifestyle. If you have not already read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, I highly recommend that book! Abby


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