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Weeding out the garden of my heart

Before the weeding
I'm not a morning person but I do like to work in the garden in the earlier hours while it is cool.  This morning I headed out to weed the flower beds.  I don't know what happened.  They were looking great and all of the sudden I had weeds everywhere.  I need to tend this more often!  So as I knelt down and dug my fingers into the dirt, I thought about how similar it is in the garden of our hearts.  God gives us beautiful flowers that we can share with others but if we don't pay attention the weeds will soon take over.  A little neglect and the ugliness dominates.  Selfishness, pride, a quick temper - all weeds.  The only way we get them out is to get on our knees.  And unlike in a flower garden, He does the weeding, we just have to recognize that they are there and ask Him to remove them.  It will  look pretty again if we do.  So today, I am weeding my flower garden and also the garden of my heart.

That's better.


  1. I find many metaphors in the garden, too. This is a beautiful post.


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