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The boy's loft

The loft is one of our favorite rooms in the house.  Being open to the stairs and having a ceiling vaulted up to 11 feet, gives it a feeling of openness even though it is small.  My husband calls it the Barnes & Noble room because there is no tv up there - just books, games, and laptop computers.  It is a great place for the boys to hang out, read, do their schoolwork and generally use there indoor voices.  The rec room attached to the garage will be for the loud playing when it is finished later this summer. 
My favorite thing about it is the tall bookcase with storage underneath.

Our two Ethan Allen green farmhouse chairs are 16 years old now and found a comfy spot upstairs.  I couldn't resist the fabric.  Even then, we had farmhouse fever.  The table was salvaged out of Mom & Dad's shed and given a coat of red paint.  Every room needs a splash of red in it, at least in our house.

The table was hubbie's old drafting table. We added a black plank wood top to it and sat barstools around it. It works great & has an artistic flair too, I think.  I'm working on portrait drawings of our boys. They will go over the table when I am finished.  That will be while though.
Over the stairs we have three small windows to let in light on the north side of the house.  Here our youngest stands on the baseboard to get a better look.

After the boys are grown, we hope to use this space as an art studio for our drafting and drawing.  It is a perfect spot for that.  But that will be a while and I'm glad they will enjoy it for as long as they want to.


  1. I love the Barnes & Noble nook! Every house should have one. Your house looks really awesome, thanks for the inspiring pics!


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