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Chicken run!

"It's way past dinner and she hasn't let us out.  I'm making a break for it!"
"I made it over.  Come on Ruby!"
"We can fly the coop.  Anytime."
"Finally, we are free.  We are free.  We are free ranging!
  Thanks Mr."
"Wait, what's she gonna do to us? And to think, we gave her an egg this morning!"


  1. Those totally look like wire cutters....regular kitchen shears work to trim wings too. They get more feathers at a time too.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I couldn't find the scissors. I haven't trimmed their feathers, at least not yet. I'm gonna need help, I think. What are you doing up a 3:00? Of course, I was up at 5:00 putting cinnamon rolls out to rise.

  3. My darn hens never stay in their fence (which includes the pasture). Even when I clipped their wings they found ways to escape. Hopefully yours are easier to contain!


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