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Doll & I

Well, it appears that Doll has accepted me as a friend. She has been stand-offish and wouldn't let me pet her face without throwing her head up.  And catching her in the pasture has been challenging at best.  She is as gentle as can be when she has the halter on but getting it on has been hard.  I decided that watching this and struggling myself through this haltering process is what has occasionally unnerved  me prior to riding.  On the days when that happened, I wasn't confident and she felt it.  Our trainer said it was going to take time to build trust.

So,we have been going over for a short visit almost everyday. Tempting treats of sweet feed have helped.  Last night, we called the horses and she came running.  We didn't have the bucket with us to see if they would come anyway.  She walked straight up to me and stuck her nose out for me to pet! After a little scratching and loving, our trainer suggested I try to put a halter on her.  I thought to myself, "she is going to bolt" but she didn't.  Doll just stood there as I threw the lead over her neck. She even lowered her head a little as I slipped the halter on.  You can't imagine how happy this made me!  It was a huge step in the right direction for us and a confidence builder for me personally.  Tonight, Doll & I are going for a ride.


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