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First year flower garden

I've always dreamed of a cottage garden.  You know the ones in the magazines of structured beds full of haphazard blooms surrounded by a little white fence.  This year my boys helped make that happen.  They hauled dirt and gravel (dump truck's full of it) and built the flower boxes.  Then I filled them with all types of flowers.  I had a plan drawn out on graph paper but that went out the window when I went shopping. Mostly, I stuck to the tried and true plants that could survive the harsh elements of Oklahoma.  But there are a few "Oh, I love that!" ones mixed in there too.  I really didn't think it would look as good as it does this year, so I have to share some pictures.
Please ignore the half painted fencing. Since painting the house inside and out, it has not been one of my favorite things to do.

I have always wanted black-eyed-susans.  They are my favorite!  Aren't they cheery?

I love God's little creatures that come to visit.  I wonder what that one is.

Here is the feed trough of sunflowers.  I think next year I'll get a taller variety.

Shhh.  Don't tell Sadie that I wasn't taking a picture of her.

The feed bucket flower pots are thriving.  Must be all the rain we've had.  They have holes drilled in the bottoms of them so they don't drown.  Good thing!


  1. Your garden is doing great, Kim. Looks even better in person.

  2. Your flowers are pretty! I love cottage gardens too! I've been looking forward to fall so I can hope to catch some good sales on perennials at the different nurseries!


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