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I got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle

This afternoon, we went to Stockyard City, otherwise know as "cow town" to pick up our saddles and the rest of our horse tack.  It was fun to choose the remaining items to go with the saddles and finalize the deal.  I, of course, got some things with a little horse bling.  We all got spurs too.  Nothing like a pair of spurs to make you feel like a real cowgirl.  The jingle sound tickles me as I stomp around in my boots.  Yee Haw!  I'm ready now.
My boy's boots - colorful, huh?


  1. Looks like you are well on your way to becoming a cowgirl. Doll is not going to like those spurs one bit.

  2. I haven't had boots since high school, and I have a secret hankering for a pair of red ones, but don't have a good excuse for getting them...yet!!

  3. Karen Sue, I have to admit that I never had boot until 2 years ago even though I have been an Okie all my life. Now, I am hopelessly tempted by them! Wayne and Jonah got the new colorful ones in the picture. I had my eyes on a pink pair. They were sooo cute! I'll have to wait til I can justify them though. Maybe I should scuff my feet along like my boys so I can wear mine out and get a new pair sooner. You are right, Alice, Doll will not be expecting the spurs on me. The trainer that is working with us is an old fashioned cowboy type and I have been a pushover with my horse. He told me to get spurs so she would take me more seriously. I hope that will help until I learn to be more assertive with her.


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