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Pasture of holes & loads of lumber

Our horse fence project has begun and boy is it a project!  The man across the street is drilling the holes for the posts and then going to set them.  Two of our boys wanted to set the posts until they saw the hundreds of marking flags.  They will do the railings after the posts are in to earn some money.  In the fall, it will all get a coat of white paint.  I can't tell you how many discussions we have had about what to put in and where to put it.  Most of our available area is out front.  We will have 3 small pastures there in order to rotate the horses or to add a few calves in the spring.  To the side of our house, we are building an arena and a round pen.  After that we are going to build a small (emphasis on small) barn to hold tack, hay, grain and have a tie up area.  The thing that we have had trouble with is deciding what size to make the arena.  We don't want it to be huge and look out of proportion to the acreage but we want it to be big enough for all of us to ride as we add horses.  Not ever having done this before, we have been at a loss and can only depend on what others are telling us.  Some of the holes for the arena are dug and we are still mulling over the size.  We have to go get gates before any of the posts go in.  So we need to decide what kind, what size, what color (that's important) and where they will go.  So many decisions over putting up fences!  I'm afraid we are a little obsessive about doing it all right. Still, I am happy there is progress. It is exciting that we have a pasture of holes and loads of lumber waiting on the drive.


  1. How exciting!! Good luck with the installation!

  2. What a lot of work ahead of you. I'm sure it will be great.


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