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Sunday tour

Today we gave a tour to a sweet young couple that just bought some land to build on. They are cousins of a friend of ours.  We had never met them before.  It was fun to visit with a family that wants to create a farm for their three little ones to grow up on.  Joyfully, I watched their 2 year old girl, Maggie, feed strawberries to the chickens (and herself!) and retrieve an egg out of the nest box. It was also fun to share with them some non-traditional ideas that we incorporated into our home. Hopefully, they went away with some space saving and $$ saving ideas.  At least I hope they were encouraged to build what they want and not settle for what is common.
Maggie & I petting Lizzie

Their visit made me think about the changes that have taken place since we moved into our farmhouse. We don't live way out yet we have more space.  We didn't even move that far but life has definitely changed.  Our days start a little earlier with the crowing of our rooster.  Our evenings are spent working in the gardens or in the pastures.  We watch the pond and the sunsets more than we watch the television.  We are always planning our next farm project.  Fresh flowers, veggies, eggs, and even jam are enjoyed on our table.  And last but not least, I haven't seen my boys legs all summer!  They have officially traded in their tennis shoes for cowboy boots and become full fledged farm boys.  I love it!  I wish we had made the move earlier when our kids were younger.


  1. I'm enjoying it all vicariously.

  2. Kim, we had such a wonderful time yesterday. Thank you so much for being so welcoming and open with your house and what went into building it. Seth said, "We need to warn them that we are going to steal a lot of their ideas!" lol The kids had such a great time too. We've watched the chicken video I took a dozen times now. I'm going to email you a great pic I took of you and Lizzie with Maggie. It would have been great to post w/ this blog. Thank you again and please thank Wayne as well. Seth really enjoyed talking to him.

  3. Elizabeth,
    Please come back anytime! Stealing ideas from us is the highest compliment. Thanks for the picture. You are right, it was perfect for this post. We want to see your house when you finish or even along the way. Congrats, your adventure has just begun!


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