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Tag team mowing

Out here, we mow once a week.  Yes, the entire acreage!  It's a lot of mowing.  Not that I'm speaking from personal experience, mind you. I only drove the mower once and never got it off of turtle speed.  Thank goodness I am slow.  It looks like it would be fun for about 2 minutes.  Today three generations are tag team mowing.  First, my husband at lunch, then Papaw (my husband's dad), and now our oldest son is out there zipping around.  It has rained so much in the past week that the grass has gotten really tall.  More rain is expected in a few hours.  I hope they can get it done or we are going to need a baler instead of a mower!

It's hard to believe that three years ago it was all dirt.  We purchased the land from a large lawn care company.  They used it as a dumping ground for all the grass they cut from lawns.  Along with that they dumped golf balls, pop cans, and weed eater string.  The perimeter was 10 ft tall weeds. After having a tractor brushhog it, we tilled it all under.  Then we picked up trash for weeks.  Literally, we formed police lines and combed the property picking up trash.  Did I say for weeks? After that, we had the 9 acres sprigged with Tifton 44 bermuda grass and prayed for rain.  We needed a good rain within 10 days or it would die. We got it, praise the Lord, and it grew.  What a difference three years can make.  It is a beautiful pasture of grazing grass now.  I will be glad when the fences are done and we have the horses here to eat the grass.  It will be a help to my mowing men, for sure!


  1. I am so jealous of your having to mow! We haven't mowed in several weeks here. NO rain!


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