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Bobbie, my new horse

Meet my new horse, Bobbie.  She is a real sweety!  It turned out that Doll was a little too much horse for this green broke lady to handle. She needs a firmer hand with the reins than I am comfortable giving.  My hubby teased me that I needed a horse that had one foot in the grave.  It's not that bad, really! Well, maybe it is.  Anyway, at 10 years of age, Bobbie is a little older and her laid back temperment is a good match for me.  Doll is still coming home with us because everyone loves her.  So we have three horses now.
Bobbie's chocolate brown coat darkens to black down her legs topped with white socks.
She has a black mane and tail and one blue or "glass" eye.  The eye is mysterious & beautiful. 


  1. Great solution to the problem. You needed a horse you were comfortable with, especially since you are a new rider. You and Bobbie will make a great team.


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