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Chicken & spagetti

Have you ever seen a chicken eat spagetti?
They slurp them down whole.  It's hilarious!
Oh, and we got a baker's dozen of eggs today! 
This was the first time we got that many.


  1. When did your chicken hatch? Just curious about ages. Thanks!

  2. The hens & rooster hatched on March 5th which makes them 23 weeks old today. Not all are laying yet. I haven't seen the buff rocks in the nest boxes. The white rocks started laying first at 18 weeks. The egg numbers are slowly going up as well as the egg sizes.
    Thanks for visiting the farmhouse.

  3. My kitties used to love spaghetti! Thanks for sharing your 'Lady and the Tramp' chicken moment.

  4. Just found out about this spaghetti thing today--so excited to make it for my chickens. I am LOVING your blog and reading up a storm tonight.


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