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Flower garden journal

I started a flower garden journal to keep track of everything that blooms here at the Red Farmhouse.  I thought I should start now while everything is flowering and I know what is where.  When next spring comes around, I may not remember.  Of course, I got a spiral notebook with flowers.  Cute, huh?
I began with before pictures.  Since this is a brand new garden, it seemed like an obvious place to start.
I am adding comments, diagrams, and flower tags so I can keep track of it all.
I'm also documenting what worked and what didn't.  Maybe this way, I won't make repeat gardening mistakes.  Ideas and inspirational pictures will make their way into the book too.
Flower gardens are works in progress. That progress will be kept in my journal to look back and remember and to look forward to make it even better.


  1. Great way to remember varieties planted.

  2. last year I saved packets, etc from planting the veggies and was going to record it all and I still don't know where it all got to...hmmm

  3. I love this idea! Someday when I have a farmhouse of my own, I will be sure to do the same :)


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