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Hot temps continue

For five days straight, the temperatures have been over 100 degrees.  It is H-O-T, hot out there!  Despite the heat, we have made progress on the horse fencing.  The arena & round pen posts are finally set!  Our boys will start on the boards in a day or two when the concrete cures.
Not only has the heat had it's way with our hired hands, the veggie garden is slow to produce.  This was today's meager crop.  It's not much but I was glad I didn't have to stay out there any longer than I did.  And with what was picked yesterday, we had enough okra to fry for dinner.  Yum!
The chickens are seeking shelter from the sun.  Thier new favorite spot is on the north side of the house in the shade.  I have been afraid I would find one dead from sun stroke.  Can chickens get that?
This is the only thing that is thriving right now - my hyacinth bean vine.
Isn't it pretty?  I'm planting more of it next year.
It may be the only thing that survives if the hot temps continue.


  1. I see some clouds to the northwest.
    Dare we hope they will come down here?

  2. I don't know how you do it down there. I'm whining because we've been at 90. Stay cool!

  3. Yes chickens can get heat stroke. Make sure they have well ventilated and shady places to go and lots of fresh water. Thats how we lost our first girl 2 months ago. Stupid thing had access to water and didn't drink...and was panting horribly in a sunny spot, despite the shade being 2ft away. Heat waves can catch them off guard too.

  4. I'm sorry it's been so hot there. We've had a slight break here in MD...only the lower 90's, which seems cool right now. Sad thing, isn't it? I lost a layer back in June during one of our heat waves.

    Your horse fence is looking great!


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