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Keyless light fixtures

Keyless light fixtures are economical, industrial, and with the right light bulb completely appropriate for a contemporary farmhouse.  We knew we wanted edgy fixtures when we planned our house.  We proved that when choosing our Pottery Barn dining room chandelier.  However, splurges on PB fixtures that we really loved left us with little lighting budget for the upstairs bedroom, loft and mudroom.  Then we discovered these keyless lights in a book, The Farmhouse.  They had these cool chrome dipped light bulbs. 
They look amazing when turned on.  Directing the light back against the wall or ceiling that they are mounted on, the chrome gives an overall glow to the room. Here is what they look like in the loft.
And the best part... $1.30 + $1.59 for the bulb.  Yeah, I know, we paid too much! That was because we upgraded to the ceramic ones at Lowe's.  The electrician thought we were nuts. We think they are a perfect fit for our home!

*FYI: Code doesn't allow exposed bulb fixtures to be put in closets because of fire danger.*


  1. Those are really cool! I am taking plenty of notes for when I get my farmhouse someday. From what I've read on your awesome blog, it seems as though you guys have sure figured out how to stretch a budget while making your home look unique!

  2. Those are so nifty. I've never seen them before.

  3. Love them. That is great idea! Did you like that book? Sounds like it is a good buy.

  4. I realize this is an old post...but...

    I absolutely LOVE the keyless light fixture idea! What I am wondering is how much light the dipped light bulbs provide? I like a well lit room at night so am concerned that if we decided to try this idea I would be dissappointed with the lack of light. Is it more of a subdued light needing another light source to compensate or do you feel like it's plenty of light? :)

    Btw...I LOVE your blog! It is just wonderful! We have three boys as well (One in college and the other two homeschooled!) and raise chickens (Laying hens and roasters) and will be raising a couple pigs for the first time this year. Plus, we dream of having horses some day and I would love to raise goats. I have been truly inspired by your blog and am taking mental notes of the things you've done in your beautiful farmhouse!


    1. Hi Rhonda. Thanks for the compliments! To answer your question, the chrome dipped light bulbs are ambient light and cast light back on the walls & ceilings. There are other types of decorative bulbs that you could use for brighter direct light though. The keyless fixtures accept higher wattage bulbs. Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by the Red Farmhouse.


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