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Registering Red

We are preparing to send off Red's pictures & papers to register him with the American Quarter Horse Association.  We had to pick three names for them to officially give him, in case one was taken.  Red Diamond Diggers is our first choice.  Diamond & Diggers were his damm and sire's names.  No matter what, he is Red, that is for sure.  He just shines in the sun, don't you think?

He needs to fill out some but I sure think he is pretty.
Our oldest son, Jake, is looking real "cowboy" after working at a horse barn all summer.
He is riding better too.
So is Jonah, our middle son.

Here he is on Doll.

She looks good in that new tack.


  1. Good luck getting Red registered! I hope you get your first name choice!

  2. Both of them are find looking horses.


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