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Rocking chairs & raindrops

This morning I awoke to thunder and thought to myself, "It's going to rain!"  It hasn't done that in a month and a half.  I made some biscuits and drank my coffee and waited for the clouds to break.  Nothing.  Not one drop.  Disappointed, I went to get ready for the day.  Then, when I had lost all hope, a gentle rain began to fall.  We hardly ever get gentle rains in Oklahoma.  We get downpours, thunderstorms, tornados, but rarely sweet and steady rain.  What a beautiful thing!  With my husband gone to work and my boys still sleeping, my rocking chair on the front porch was beckoning to me.  And so I sat and listened to the rain hit the metal roof and drip to the ground.  I could almost see the pasture grass turning green. And then I thought , "Isn't that just like God to send a gentle shower when you have given up hope of any relief at all?" This morning I am thanking Him for rocking chairs and raindrops.


  1. I wish that rain had lasted a little longer, but it sure has been nice to have the cooler weather the front brought.


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