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Teeny tiny egg

Have you ever seen a chicken egg this small? It is not any bigger than a quarter!  My boys called and told me about it while I was out and I confess that I didn't believe them.  It was laid by one of our Americauna hens that we haven't seen in the nesting boxes before.  Obviously, a first attempt!  It is a pretty green color.  It's just funny that it's so teeny tiny! 


  1. That is so funny! I hope you made a teeny tiny omelet with it :)

  2. Ha! That is awesome! Hey - what was the name of that chicken website you were telling me about?

  3. looks more like a song bird's egg.

  4. turns out it would have been an egg white omlete. There was no yolk in this tiny one. It was cute though. On the other hand, the same day I got the biggest egg so far. It weighed in at Jumbo size.


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