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Boy's bath

When planning our boy's bathroom, we kept four things in mind:
  •   3 boys would be sharing this space so it needed plenty of room to move around.
  • More than one faucet was needed.
  •   The tile needed to be easy to clean.
  •  I did not want to wipe the water off the countertop 10 times a day.
I have to tell you, I love this sink!  It is a Kohler double utility sink, commonly used in restaurants.   Made of indestructible cast iron, it is perfect for a boy's bath.  The faucets come with it and spray like shower heads.  Also included is the soap holder.  And look, no counter tops for messy kids to get water on.  A big basket catches dirty clothes before they hit the floor.  At least that is the idea.

We don't have cabinets in either of the bathrooms.  Instead we opted for using pieces of furniture to store toiletries.  Old farmhouses commonly had this and we loved the idea.  It saved us money and enabled us to use pieces that we already had.  This pine bookcase with baskets keeps their stuff orderly.  I want to paint it, maybe an old fashioned mint green.  What do you think?
Classic black and white pinwheels line the floor. The white subway tile in the shower is super easy to clean and dark gray grout will help keep it all looking new longer.
The window was carefully placed above eye level for privacy while letting in natural light.

And last but not least, hooks to hang towels.  I feel these are better than towel bars.  Regardless of whether the towel is clean or has been used a few times, it always looks the same - neat.


  1. It's the perfect bathroom for three active boys.

  2. I love the whole thing, especially that sink. Very well done!

  3. One of my favorite rooms in your house! :)

  4. Ooo! Very nice! I think you should definitely paint the bookcase, everything gets better with a little mint green :)

  5. Hi Kim,
    what a wonderful sink...I love your practical thinking! We have 3 hooks in our bathroom too but our hooks are on a board (store bought) and they are too close together so when we tackle our old bathroom I'm going to just put 3 single hooks on the wall with more space between them. They just don't dry when they're too close together. Love your floor too...very pretty and practical.
    Maura :)

  6. I have to know what your sink model number is! I love it!!! I am looking at changing out the kids sink with a double but need it low for a little while since they are all young (all under 8) and love the idea of not having the counter top anymore. We have 5 kids sharing a bathroom so this would be PERFECT!!!! Also, what do you do with toothpaste/brushes? Do you keep them in a cabinet?
    PS I LOVE THE HOUSE! So adorable!

  7. Nic,
    The sink is the Brockway wash sink by Kohler # K-3200. It is a commercial sink and comes in a double or triple. It is pricey but we priced cabinetry & granite countertops with vanity sinks and it came out equal in price to this sink. It is so nice not to have to wipe up the counter. It does come with special faucets and they spray like showerheads.
    Our kids have a pair of corner shelves to put tootbrushes and paste right next to the sink.
    Other bath items are stored in the bookcase with baskets in the picture above. Hope that helps. We do love that sink!

  8. I love your work here. Do you recal the name of the paint color on the wall?

    1. I still have one bucket of this wall paint but the label has long since been covered with paint. I'm sorry to tell you I don't remember the color. It's Benjamin Moore interior latex eggshell finish and the color is a medium beige, not to pink and not to gold.
      When we built the house, we were convinced that we wanted the same color as in our old house but when we put it on the walls here, it looked totally different. So we went back to the paint store for small samples. I bought 4 or 5 and painted a 1 foot square of each on the wall. Then we looked at them for a few days with the natural light in the house. Then we picked the one that we thought looked best. My suggestion is that you do the same. Even though you may have the added expense of purchasing samples, You won't be disappointed in your choice if you try it out first! Hope all this helps even though I couldn't specifically answer your question.


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