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Day at the Wildlife Expo

Today we spent the morning at the Oklahoma Wildlife Expo.  Our oldest son, Jake, is an apprentice falconer and took his American Kestrel (falcon) to work at the Oklahoma Falconry booth.  It was an exciting day for him since he first learned about falconry at the Expo two years ago.  He then studied, passed his State test, got licensed with Feds and trapped and trained his bird.  It was good to see him come full circle and share his passion with others.
There was no shortage of fun stuff to do and see.
Jonah was quite good at kayaking.  He was lapping everyone.
At the archery range, Jared got right to the point and made some really good shots. 
I got in a good shot myself, hitting a bear target in the chest.  That was fun after totally missing the first two times.  More than anything, I enjoy watching my boys in action.  They are great guys!


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