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Fuel for chores

Saturday is farm chore day.  Not that there aren't things to do every other day of the week.  But on Saturdays here we tackle bigger jobs.  Today we are hanging the batten boards on the fence to finish it out.  Fence building has been a huge project consuming time and money.  Our boys have done most of it and should be very proud of their work.  Also slated for today is a trip to Tractor Supply for chicken feed, pine shavings, a manure picker-uper (I don't know what those are called) and another water trough.  The boy's calves arrive next week and they need something to drink out of.  The grass needs to be killed off in the arena and round pen so it can be tilled too.  I need to mop the floors inside and deadhead the flower garden.  I think all this work requires something special to get us going...
Donut muffins
Dipped in butter and then rolled in sugar & cinnamon, they are yummy muffins!
Recipe found here.  Thanks to Kaytee for passing it on to me.
The perfect fuel for Saturday chores.


  1. Yum! Those look delicious! And very motivating :)

  2. Please tell me you are a fan of The Pioneer Woman!? Those donuts would motivate me.

  3. Mmm, your donuts look delicious! Glad you enjoyed them!! :-)

  4. Aren't they so good? I'm glad I could share!

  5. I went to read the recipe they look so good. It would be hard to stay on a diet around your house, Kim.

  6. I love your Life!!!! lol! Someday I'll have a farm too!!!


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