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Gates & latches

My husband finished making the pasture gates.  Don't they look great!  He is super talented but I'm biased.  They are made of aluminum so they are really light but sturdy enough to hold the horses.
He found these great gate latches.  They open with one hand in either direction and will lock closed with a push.  They are perfect and a perfect color, red!
Don't the girls look impressed with them?  Actually, they are impressed with the abundance of tasty grass and the multilple pettings that they are receiving a day.  I don't think they have ever had so much loving attention.  They do look pretty behind the gates and latches though.  Good job, Honey!


  1. I am very impressed that your husband can make something from aluminum! Wow...made me think of a story. I told you that my parents had fifteen horses at one point and sold them because they were just too much work? Well in the seventies, during the oil crisis, they cut down the wood from the pasture fence to heat the house. For the first ten years of my life, we didn't have heat! We used kerosene heaters, firewood and apparently, pasture fence! Oh, the stories I could tell...

  2. Wow! I can't imagine tearing down the fence and burning it after all the money and effort that has gone into it! You do what you have to do when times are tough I guess. We do have a cast iron stove and it does a great job heating the house although it is not our only heat source.

  3. Lucky horses - The good life, for sure.


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