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Last of the black-eyed peas

The cold winds came in last night and it truly feels like fall.  It is hard to believe it was near 90 yesterday.  The hot weather veggies are fading fast.  My in-laws who live next door in the blue house have tirelessly taken care of the vegetable garden this year. It is nice that we can all work together and share the benefits of our labor.
After church today, I picked the last of the black-eyed peas. I will shell them, freeze them and enjoy them another day.
Now, I know what you are thinking.  You don't like black-eyed peas.  But have you ever had them fresh, cooked with bacon?  And if the answer to that is no, well then, you haven't had black-eyed peas at all.  This is how I cook mine:
Shell and rinse peas.  Cover with water in large pot.  Add salt.  Bring to a boil.  Boil.  Boil.  Boil some more.  Like 3 hours worth of boiling.  You are going to need to add some more water in that pot along the way.  About 30 minutes before you think you just can't boil them anymore, add some crumbled cooked bacon (or ham).  Throw in some seasoning like onion powder if you want, maybe some more salt and pepper.  Eat with a large spoon.  Really, you are going to like them!


  1. I have been wondering how to make them. My husband always wants them for New Years and I never have any idea what to do with them! Thanks for sharing.

  2. If you find some fresh now, you can shell them and put them in a freezer bag until New Year's. Then just take them out and throw them in the pot.


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