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Pretty wet rag

A month ago, a fellow blogger had a contest for some crocheted dishcloths.  Her dog drooled on my name and I won!  I've enjoyed them so much I have officially retired my old rags in place of her pretty ones.  But two won't last forever so I thought I better get that crochet hook moving.  I learned  to crochet years ago and made lots of baby items for friends.  I even made a few blankets for my own boys.  It never occured to me to make something this simple.  Taking only a few hours, I stitched double crochets in rows making a square and then went around with a single crochet.  This yarn is a little chunky but it looks cute and washes great.  I'm going to have to make more, alot more.  Of this I am convinced... if you are going to have to use a wet rag it should always be pretty.


  1. I never knew cleaning could be so pretty! How do they wash up?

  2. I have washed the two I received as gifts dozens of times and so far they are doing great. I secured the ends really well on the one that I made and will do that with others in the future. Going to do a red one next.

  3. That looks just like the dish rags that a friend of my mother's used to crochet. We would buy them from her by the dozen. They washed up so good, dried fast and were very absorbent. Perfect dish rags. Alas, she is no longer among the living. I may have to learn how to crochet them because the last of mine are pretty well worn out now.

  4. Kim-
    Where did you get your sink?? You may have posted it before. Hoping to do our kitchen before 5 more years go by...the old 70's cupboards were just cheap and they are wearing out!! I'm not a frequent decorator, so I want something to last a very long time...

  5. SOOOOO...I went back and found the post about the sink in the kitchen...i'm wondering - is it lower than a regular sink?? I know someone that has a farmhouse sink in her cottage, but it's not a place where I've ever used the sink...just dropped in for a tour...
    Do you like your farmhouse sink better than a regular one, now that you've been using it?? Just thinking I like the looks of one, but don't know anyone that uses one on a regular basis.

  6. Karen Sue,
    The stainless steel farmhouse (apron) sink is a Kohler Verity Sink #K-3086-4U-NA.
    It is 8" deep so I think it is a standard depth. I chose to have a single basin but they have it with 2. The single makes it seem huge (which is wonderful)! I also love the fact that it is stainless, so it cleans easily. On the other hand, when it is dirty, it looks really dirty. I get drips down the front sometimes which is irritating but it is not that big of a deal. If you are looking to buy stainless be careful about the thickness. The thicker the metal, the less it will make pinging noise when you run water or place things in it. Kohler is very high quality and the only ping we hear is if you hit the front edge of the sink. All-in-all, I'm very happy with our choice, it's one of my favorite things about the kitchen and I get a lot of compliments on it. They have the same sink in cast iron / porcelin. We've always had Kohler because of the quality. My husband was a plumbing contractor until a few years ago and he would only sell Kohler sinks. You can choose any faucet but sinks should be Kohler if you can afford it.

  7. Very pretty dishcloth! What kind of yarn would be best to make one of these??? ~Cassandra

  8. I love this dishcloth and would love to have some. Any ideas as to where I can get some?


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