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Puppy in the house

Yesterday morning, if you had told me that we would have a puppy by nightfall, I would have laughed.  However, a friend called and told us about this sweet golden girl.  She was the last of the litter and free to a loving home. Since we are golden retriever family, we decided, why not.
She is a paperless, full blood golden.
She is 7 weeks old and 10 lbs.
We named her Sammie.
She's cute as a button!
Scout and Sadie meet Sammie.
What a messy little thing, she is!
We are all in puppy love even if she did wake us up at midnight, 2, 4, 5:45, & 6:30!

Grand total of animals on the farm - 26
3 dogs, 3 horses, 18 chickens, 1 falcon, & 1 turtle
Cows & pigs are coming soon


  1. How cute! So many to take care of. Wow! You are one nurturing mama.

  2. Ooooooooo! How exciting! Sammie looks like such a sweetie! If only we lived closer we could arrange a puppy playdate :)

  3. Oh, my... Kim, you are one brave gal. With all that you already do, now you take on raising a puppy. I'm in awe of your optimism and fortitude.

  4. No, I'm just stupid, that is all.


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