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What's underneath

Last night, a cold front swept through bringing with it the first breath of fall.  It preceeded a storm but after it past by, it left a damp, cool breeze.  My husband and I sat in the rockers on the front porch (me wrapped in a blanket) watching the horses.  I have to tell you I love that porch!  It has a great view but that is not why I love it so much.  I love the way it looks underneath!
Aren't open tailed rafters great?  Full of character, there is just nothing else like them.  When we built, we were told that most people use plywood on top of the rafters for porches.  Are you kidding me?  Why would you do that, if you could have it look like this with the tongue and groove pine?  We paid for it.  It was one of those things that cost lots more in materials and labor.  Would we do it again? Totally! Sometimes the really special things are underneath.


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